What is HackingKindness?

It's pretty simple. It's an opportunity for us to do something nice for an organization doing good.

At Acumium, we believe in taking care of people and giving back. It’s part of our culture, and it's part of our lives. We love doing great work for companies and organizations who are making a difference. We've also discovered we get a lot of satisfaction, in general, from doing nice things, so we've decided to mash those up into an annual HackingKindness social good hackathon.

What this means is, our tight-knit team of kindhearted rockstars is ready to do some free work for an organization trying to do good. That's a pretty broad category, we know, but good work takes many forms.

If you are, or if you know of, a local business or non-profit that needs help with website design and development, SEO, brand messaging, logo/creative asset design, or general strategy and consulting, send them our way. That's exactly who we're hoping to help.

We've got our nominee for 2020, but you're welcome to submit an early nomination for 2021 and tell us why the business you're nominating deserves a digital boost next year. We'll review them all and select the most compelling story as our next HackingKindness recipient. And then we'll see what good we can do with a weekend, a smart and dedicated team, and...probably a ton of food and drink and music, because that's just how we do hackathons.

Know someone who could use a digital boost in 2021?

How does it work?

We're basically taking the usual process we do for our clients, and speeding it up over a weekend. Sounds fun, right?



If you're our selected business or non-profit, we'll have a meeting or two and get acquainted. We'll talk about who you are, who you serve, and what you'd like us to help you accomplish.


Make a plan

Based on your goals, we'll figure out the plan for your hackathon, including who we'll ask to be there, what our timeline might look like, and how many snacks we need to buy (that's important).



You'll join your custom-built dream team of designers, developers, and marketers here at Acumium over a weekend, we'll all roll up our sleeves, and we'll see what we can get done.


Launch and celebrate

This isn't just smoke and mirrors. As we close out your hackathon, our goal will be to launch our work to the wild. And then we're all going to party, because, by that point, we'll have earned it.

Frequently asked questions

We're basically taking the usual process we do for our clients, and speeding it up over a weekend. Sounds fun, right?

Who is eligible?

Any businesses, organizations, or non-profits in the local Madison, Wisconsin, area who are doing good and trying to make a difference in the world. We know that’s broad criteria, but good takes many forms.

What do you need to do to be nominated?

Well…you mostly just need to fill out the nomination form on this website. You’ll tell us about what you (or the company you’re nominating) are trying to do to make the world a better, kinder, smarter place. We’ll ask you to specify what type of work we could do for you that would help you the most. And yes, you can absolutely nominate your own organization or business.

How will we pick a winner?

We’ll review all the nominations that come in and will pick the one that our team feels we have the most opportunity to help. Right now, our plan is to select a single organization, but we could get ambitious and decide to add more.

What kind of work are we offering?

It’ll depend on what you need, but we’re offering expertise in five general areas: web design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), brand messaging, logo and creative asset design, and strategy and consulting. Because we only have a weekend to knock out most of the work, we’ll need to be realistic about what we take on, but we’ll do our best to get you something that will make a real difference.

When are nominations due? When will the hackathon happen?

We'll officially fire up nominations again in January 2021, but feel free to submit an early nomination if you're feeling inspired. Our next hackathon will likely happen sometime in the summer of 2020.

Our 2020 HackingKindness nominee:
Foundation for Dane County Parks

It's pretty simple. It's an opportunity for us to do something nice for an organization doing good.

For 2020, we are very excited about working with the team at the Foundation for Dane County Parks.

About Foundation for Dane County Parks

For the last few years, a group of dedicated volunteers has established its roots as a nonprofit corporation to promote and sustain the efforts of our beautiful Dane County Parks system -- composed of 15,000 acres with over 50 parks and natural resource areas.

The parks, which receive over 3 million visitors per year, are managed by dedicated professional staff and supported by over 3,000 volunteers with 18 active Friends groups.

The project

Having recently received a grant that will open up additional resources, the Foundation is now in a position to be able to grow their online presence from a modest Facebook page to a website. They are looking for a visually appealing and easy to navigate web presence that will provide valuable information resources, strengthen their endowment fund, grow and support their volunteer program, and support various fundraising efforts.

Next steps

We'll be working with the Foundation's team and looking toward running their hackathon sometime in June or July this year. Stay tuned for further updates!

Interested in more information about HackingKindness? Please contact us.

Previous recipients

It's pretty simple. It's an opportunity for us to do something nice for an organization doing good.

Submit an early nomination for 2021

Yes, of course you can nominate your own business.

Want to get your nomination in early? Our next official nomination period won't start until January 2021, but you're welcome to nominate a deserving organization for next year at any time!

What do you need the most help with?

PLEASE NOTE: We're sure lots of people would vouch for your business or organization, but more nominations won't affect our decision. Focus on telling us your story and why you'd benefit from our help. No need to stuff the ballot box.

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